We offer active monitoring of server rooms

Deersoft CED monitoring

The control of continuity and security of services within a data center is of fundamental importance.
The ability to get immediate notification of a problem using a reliable channel through a hardware system, leads to preventing all those situations where only a costly 24-hour surveillance could remedy.
Many entrust the surveillance of the operation to systems that are themselves servers or services of the same room to be controlled and as such subject to the same interruptions.
Entrust your surveillance to aMeter, a unique control unit for your CED.

Simple interface

The control and its configuration are managed via a web interface, without the need for external software, thus making all the operations of notification of simple and immediate events.
Through the web interface of aMeter you can define users and their role (operating levels), relate two or more conditions, for example, detected by the sensors and determine an automatic action such as sending a notification via an email or through an SMS, the lighting of a light siren and the possibility to manage the change of status of an output for the command to a possible second plant.


Through the web interface of aMeter it is also possible to set up automatic archiving of the collected data in order to be able to analyze the history of the measurements and the events that have occurred.


The panel of aMeter allows to have the scheme of the system in order to easily identify the outputs and the inputs, their function, their status and the measurement read by the sensors in the instant. It is also possible, once logged in, to define the aMeter dashboard to display the main parameters.


  • RFID access control
  • User Management
  • Monitoring of cooling systems
  • Monitoring of the power supply
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Monitoring of fire systems
  • Recording of environmental parameters
  • Recording and management of parameters and anomalies of the CED infrastructure
  • Alarm management and checklist

Deersoft CED monitoringDeersoft CED monitoring