DCM4002_0 – 24V/45Kg-cm/182RPM/18:1 DC Gear Motor


This DC motor has a rated speed of 182 RPM and a rated torque of 45 kg-cm.

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The DCM4002 is a 24 volt motor, generating 45 kg-cm of torque with a top speed of 182 RPM. For more details on the torque and speed characteristics of the motor, see the torque curves document on the Resources tab.

This motor has a high rated current, so we recommend you use the DCC1000. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for more information.

Product Specifications

Motor Properties
Motor Type DC Motor
Output Power (Mechanical) 124 W
Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage 182 RPM
Rated Torque 45 kg·cm
Stall Torque 267.7 kg·cm
Electrical Properties
Rated Voltage 24 V DC
Rated Current 6.5 A
Stall Current 22 A
Physical Properties
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Wire Length 300 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Gearbox Specifications
Gearbox Type Planetary
Gear Ratio 18:1
Number of Gear Trains 2
Maximum Strength of Gears 25 N·m
Backlash Error

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Weight 2.1 kg