We offer a complete server range to contribute to the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Ti ONE T series

Ti ONE T150 - T152Ti ONE T150 - T152

Ideal for small installations, Strong and Reliable, Pure Technology

The Ti ONE T series server is designed to offer the necessary technology and expandability to support the evolution of your business needs.
Ideal for small and medium applications such as: small databases, file / print management and Web messaging. Convenience, reliability and simplicity make Ti ONE the ideal server for the first installations and for growing companies. Are you using a simple desktop as a server? If so, then it’s time for a change, a growing business like yours needs better support than a simple PC.
Ti ONE is able to store the data of your office and connect your PC to the central network in a safe and fast, simplifying the work of every day.
Silent and imperceptible can be installed safely even within the work environment.
All our servers offer standard remote management over a KVM-over-LAN network. This integrated function allows complete remote access and control for technical assistance available anywhere at any time, via intranet or internet without the need for additional tools.

Ti ONE S series
Ti ONE S100 Ti ONE S100

Reliable for every service, Improve performance

The Ti ONE Rack S server is a single processor entry server and is ideal for satisfying small services efficiently and economically.
It provides maximum energy efficiency and a rich set of optional expansions to meet your individual needs.
Ti ONE S is optimized for infrastructural and communication applications. All our servers offer standard remote management over a KVM-over-LAN network. This integrated function allows a complete personalized access for technical assistance available anywhere and at any time, via intranet or internet.

Ti POWER T series


Solid and Scalable, Always the latest generation of processors, Flexible

Ti POWER T server, for companies looking for convenience, flexibility and performance in their new server.
Highly customizable, the new Ti POWER T servers support up to two Intel® Xeon® processors and a maximum of 2TB of RAM that combined with a large space allow the installation of multiple expansion cards.
The T family servers can also install up to 8 disk drives in a SAS / SATA Hot Swap configuration.
The new Intel Xeon scalable processors are optimized for workloads to support the most demanding applications. Intel® Xeon® scalable processors optimize interconnectivity with a focus on speed, without compromising data security.

Ti POWER S series


Boost your company’s performance, Accelerate workloads

Ti POWER S series servers are extremely powerful and versatile, a perfect balance of performance and stability. Designed to accommodate the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, up to 2TB of DDR4 ECC Registered RAM can be expanded. Thanks to the redundant dual power supply, the S family servers are able to offer continuity even in the event of failure and energy efficiency of more than 98%, minimizing their environmental and economic impact.
Designed for those who need a two-socket rack server designed for virtualization and economically accessible, the Ti Power S is the ideal platform for a wide range of business applications and virtualization systems.