These housings work with our wires with pre-crimped terminals  and our crimp pins  to let you quickly make custom cables that mate with various 0.1"-spaced connectors, including male and female headers  and  solderless breadboards. Just pick the housing for the correct number of pins, pick the colors and genders for your wires, and snap them into the housings (note: it’s not easy to get the wires back out, so plan carefully!).

You can easily make cable harnesses or assemblies that branch from one connector on one side to multiple connectors on the other; you can also cut off one pre-crimped end and solder the wires directly to components to make swapping connections easy:

The following video talks about some of our various wire and cable options and includes a short demonstration of how to use these housings:



Pins: 1 x 2

Spacing: 0.1 in

1901 - 0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 1x2-Pin 25-Pack

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