These side-entry screwless terminal blocks have a pitch of 0.2″ (5.08 mm). Each block has two spring terminals that automatically grip the stripped ends of inserted 22 – 16 AWG wires, allowing for easy, temporary connections to your PCB, and units can be combined to make longer blocks. They are rated for 300 V, 10 A (UL) and ship in packs of three.


These terminal blocks have spring terminals that automatically grip inserted wires and release when their levers are pressed with a fingernail or small object, enabling easy, temporary connections to a PCB.

These terminal blocks can be combined to make longer ones, or segments can be removed to make them shorter. Each block has two pins per terminal, and they are intended for use with PCBs that have the appropriate footprints; they do not work well with solderless breadboards because the legs are too short.

Details for item #2430

This product is a three-pack of 0.2″-pitch, two-pin, side-entry terminal blocks. The more general dimension diagram for an XX-pin version of this screwless terminal block is shown below:

Screwless terminal block: 0.2″ pitch, side entry.

  • Voltage rating (UL/IEC): 300/250 V
  • Current rating (UL/IEC): 10/15 A
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
  • Wire gauge: 22-16 AWG
  • Wire strip length: 10 mm

Reconfiguring the terminal blocks

It is possible to reconfigure these terminal blocks by combining them to make larger ones or to removing segments to make them shorter. To combine two terminal blocks, you must first pry off the end cap from one. With the end cap removed, there is nothing to hold the last lever in place, so be careful not to lose it!

Removing the end cap from a 6-pin side-entry screwless terminal block.

Once the end cap is removed, you can line up the newly exposed prongs with the holes on the side of another terminal block and press them together. The following two pictures show combining two 6-pin side-entry screwless terminal blocks into a single 12-pin block:

Attatching another screwless terminal block to the first in place of the now-removed end cap.

We have now combined two 6-pin side-entry screwless terminal blocks into a single 12-pin terminal block.


Pins: 2
Spacing: 0.2 in

General specifications

Wire gauge: 22-16 AWG
Current rating: 10 A1
Voltage rating: 300 V1
Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
Wire strip length: 10 mm
Terminal type: spring (screwless)
Orientation: side entry


1. UL rating.

2430 - Screwless Terminal Block: 2-Pin, 0.2″ Pitch, Side Entry (3-Pack)

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