So many USB devices, so few ports. With this USB hub for your VINT SBC, you'll have access to seven high-speed USB 2.0 ports. You can also use this USB Hub directly from your computer, if you just want an awesome USB 2.0 powered hub to keep all of your Phidgets happy.

Because we know you're going to be plugging all sorts of power-hungry devices into this hub, we've made it externally powered by a power supply of 8 to 30 volts. That means you're not limited to the amount of power that this hub gets from the upstream USB connection.

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By USB
Number of USB Ports 7
Available Current per USB Port 500 mA
USB Speed High Speed
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 30 V DC
Current Consumption Min 100 mA
Current Consumption Max 3 A
Physical Properties
Power Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm Center Positive
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C


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HUB0003_0 - 7-Port USB Hub

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