These stackable 0.1" (2.54 mm) female headers are just the right height for connecting Arduino shields to Arduinos and other shields. The set includes two 1×6 female headers, two 1×8 female headers, and one 1×10 female header, so it has everything necessary for both old- and new-style shields.

The set includes:

  • two 1×6 female headers
  • two 1×8 female headers
  • one 1×10 female header

It has everything necessary for both old- and new-style shields: old-style shields use two 1×6 headers and two 1×8 headers while new-style shields use one 1×6 header, two 1×8 headers, and one 1×10 header.

When assembling a shield, the female side should be on the top side of the PCB with the male ends protruding through the appropriate through-holes and soldered to the underside of the PCB.

Dimensions (in mm) of the stackable 0.100" female header set for Arduino shields.


Pins: 1 x 10 (qty 1)
Pins: 1 x 8 (qty 2)
Pins: 1 x 6 (qty 2)
Spacing: 0.100 in

General specifications

Gender: male-female

Pin type: straight, stackable

Current rating: 3 A

1035 - Stackable 0.100" Female Header Set for Arduino Shields

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