• 1059_0 - PhidgetAccelerometer 3-Axis

The PhidgetAccelerometer 3-Axis is a three axis accelerometer that measures ±3 gravities (± 29.4m/s2) change per axis. It measures both dynamic acceleration (vibration) and static acceleration (gravity or tilt).

The module is calibrated at the factory and comes ready to use.

The PhidgetAccelerometer can be used in a large variety of applications and projects such as:

  • Sensing tilt in remotely operated vehicles.
  • Capturing motion input for gaming.
  • Capturing motion input for Human Interface Research.
  • Capturing long term vibration data to help with the analysis of machinery performance.
  • Detecting movement or presence by measuring structural vibration.

Update Rate 60 samples/second
Measurement Range (XYZ Axis) ±3G (29.4 m/s2)
Bandwidth (XYZ Axis) 30Hz
Axis 0 Noise Level (X Axis) 1.9mG Standard Deviation (σ)
Axis 1 Noise Level (Y Axis) 1.9mG Standard Deviation (σ)
Axis 2 Noise Level (Z Axis) 2.9mG Standard Deviation (σ)
Device Quiescent Current Consumption 20mA
Device Active Current Consumption 20mA max
Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C

Device Object Name Channel
3-Axis Accelerometer Accelerometer 0

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1059_0 - PhidgetAccelerometer 3-Axis

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