• 3175_0 - Precision Resistor - 1K Ohm 0.1% (Bag of 4)

The 3175 RTD Resistor Kit includes four pieces of 1.00 KiloOhm resistors. These precision resistors were used to interface Platinum RTDs to the 1046 – PhidgetBridge . This configuration has been obsoleted by the TMP1200 - RTD Phidget, which can interface with RTDs without the need for external resistors. If you still need precision resistors, you can find them at electronic component suppliers such as DigiKey.

Platinum RTDs (Resistive Thermal Devices) are used to make very precise temperature measurements. RTDs are very accurate, and will measure temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. The electrical resistance of the RTD changes predictably with temperature, and RTDs are the most accurate commonly available temperature sensors.

Measuring the resistance of an RTD requires accurate components all through the system - otherwise there is no point in paying for an RTD. The resistors in the 3175 RTD Resistor Kit have a worst case error of 0.1% - translating to a typical temperature error of 0.05 Celsius. The resistors also change their resistance very little with temperature - ambient temperature variation is a significant source of error for thermocouples. RTDs with a well designed data acquisition system will not be subject to these temperature variation errors.



Read the RTD Interface Kit user guide to get detailed instructions on how to construct and test the bridge.

Product Specifications

Resistance Value 1 kΩ

Resistance Error Max 0.1%


3175_0 - Precision Resistor - 1K Ohm 0.1% (Bag of 4)

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