• 3912_0 - RFID Tag - Nail Black

The Nail Tag can be nailed into any type of wood such as pallets or trees. It is rust-resistant in wet and chemical environment. The top side of the nail is filled with epoxy. The nail tag is completely water/dust proof. The tag contains a unique ID that can be read by the 1024 – RFID reader at a distance of 4cm or less.

Tag Properties
Protocol EM4102
Tag Characteristics Passive, Read-Only
Transmission Frequency 125 kHz
Encoding Method Manchester
Message Length 64 bit
Unique ID Length 40 bit
Typical Read/Write Distance
(with 1024 - PhidgetRFID R-W)
40 mm
Physical Properties
Material Nylon
Color Black
Length 36 mm
Thickness (Head) 8.2 mm
Width (Body) 6 mm
Weight 1.7 g
IP Rating IP68

Mechanical Drawings

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3912_0 - RFID Tag - Nail Black

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